Sufjan Stevens has released the music video clip for “Mystery of Love,” one of three of his songs featured on the “Call Me By Your Name” soundtrack.

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The music đoạn phim includes various clips from the critically acclaimed film mixed with shots from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Naples.

Stevens, 42, wrote “Mystery of Love” for the “Call Me By Your Name” soundtrack. His other contributions lớn the soundtrack include “Visions of Gideon” and a Doveman remix of “Futile Devices” featured on his album “The Age of Adz.”

“Call Me By Your Name” hits theaters nationwide on Jan. 19.

Watch the music video clip below.


Levi Kreis is an out actor who plays Hermes in the national tour of ‘Hadestown’ soon opening at the Kennedy Center. (Photo courtesy of Levi Kreis)

HadestownThrough Oct. 31The Kennedy Center$45.00 – $175.00Kennedy-center.orgFor Covid-19 safety regulations go to lớn

Early in September at New York’s Walter Kerr Theatre, out singer/actor Levi Kreis was in the audience for the long-awaited Broadway reopening of “Hadestown,” Anaïs Mitchell’s rousing musical reimagining of the Orpheus myth in which the legendary Greek nhân vật descends into the underworld to rescue his lover Eurydice. 

After almost 18 months of pandemic-induced closure, the Tony Award-winning folk opera was back và the house was full. In a recent phone interview, Kreis describes the evening as “love-filled, and electrifying & emotional after such a difficult time.” Now, Kreis is onstage in the national tour of “Hadestown,” currently launching at the Kennedy Center. As Hermes, the shape-shifting god of oratory, Kreis is both narrator and chaperone to the story’s young lovers.

A Tennessee native, Kreis, 39, has triumphantly survived turbulent times including a harrowingly prolonged coming out experience that included six years of conversion therapy, education disruptions, và music contract losses. He officially came out through his acclaimed album “One of the Ones” (2006), which features a collection of piano vocals about past boyfriends. Và four years later, he splendidly won a Tony Award for originating the role of rock & roll wild man Jerry Lee Lewis in the rockabilly musical “Million Dollar Quartet.”

Throughout much of the pandemic, Kreis leaned into his own music và found ways khổng lồ reconnect with his largely gay fan base. But he’s happy to now be touring, noting that all the “Hadestown” cast have been hungering to lớn perform before a real live audience.

When not on the road, he’s based in new york City with his husband, classical-crossover recording artist Jason Antone.

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WASHINGTON BLADE: Hermes is the same role for which André De Shields—the brilliant African American actor, also gay, and some decades your elder won a Tony và has resumed playing on Broadway, right?

LEVI KREIS: That’s right. It’s really a testament to lớn the creative team. Rather than laying us over what Broadway created. They’re creating a tour that’s uniquely different; still true khổng lồ the beauty of the story but with a different flavor.

BLADE: What attracted you khổng lồ the part?

KREIS: First, I fell in love with the show. My own musical sensibilities understand the origins of where this music comes from. It’s very bluesy and gospel. Southern và rootsy. Và that’s everything I’ve created in my career as a singer/songwriter.

BLADE: With your life experience, bởi vì you feel called lớn mentor?

KREIS: The biggest effort I’ve given khổng lồ this narrative is being a pioneer of the out-music movement starting in 2005 which was a moment when gay artists were not signed khổng lồ major labels. I want through eight major labels—when they found out I was gay things always went south.

It’s been amazing to be a voice in LGBTQ truyền thông media when no one was speaking about these things. It’s popular now, but back when it mattered it was a lot harder lớn start my career as an openly gay artist and speak about these issues rather than keep quiet, cash in, and only then come out.

BLADE: Where did that nerve come from?

KREIS: Less about nerve & more about being beaten down. How many things have to happen before you give up & decide khổng lồ be honest?

BLADE: For many theatergoers, “Hadestown” will be their return lớn live theater. Other than it being visionary & remarkably entertaining, why would you recommend it?

KREIS: We need encouragement right now. But we also need art that facilitates a lot of important conversation about what’s happening in the world. This has both elements.

“Hadestown” is not a piece of art that you easily forget. You’re going to walk out of the theater with a story that sticks with you. You’ll realized that your own voice matters. There’s a part in the show, Orpheus’ song, when the gods encourage him to get the balance of the world back again by telling him that his voice matters.

BLADE: Is it timely?

KREIS: Art is here lớn change the world. & this piece of art hits the nail right on the head. I’m a purist when it comes lớn art và song. There’s a reason why we bởi it. People are listening now in a way they haven’t listened before. Khổng lồ miss that is khổng lồ miss the role of society, I think.

BLADE: & going forward?

KREIS: It’s going to lớn be interesting. We could double down on super commercialized theater or we may decide to lớn really go the other direction và reclaim innovation. That remains to be seen.