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Productivity at Your Fingertips

Microsoft continues khổng lồ enhance your workflow process with the Office 2010 trang chủ and Student edition. With massive improvements to all four included apps, as well as to lớn the overall interface, Office 2010 trang chủ and Student sets no limits lớn your creativity và helps you achieve the success you aim for. Newly introduced web and mobile versions allow you lớn work efficiently no matter the location or device.

Microsoft Office 2010 home and Student is more than able to lớn provide you with the tools you need to complete your tasks in your education, work or business:

Word 2010 proves itself as your trusty sidekick once again, allowing you khổng lồ create versatile text documents exactly the way you want - from homeworks lớn extensive reports. Excel 2010 lives up to its name, making complex tables và multi-sheet workbooks a breeze lớn set up. PowerPoint 2010 offers even more breathtaking variety in styles, effects và animations, in addition lớn advanced media editing. The cherry on đứng đầu is OneNote 2010, taking its place under the spotlight with its unsurpassed potential in team projects and live collaboration.

Simply put, all four apps in Microsoft Office 2010 trang chủ and Student are the ultimate in productivity software. If you wish khổng lồ get more familiar with the specific features of each application, take a look at the Features section, where they will be outlined in detail.

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Get access khổng lồ popular Office apps. When purchasing your own copy of Office 2010 trang chủ and Student, you get some of the most recognizable software included in the suite. These apps are able lớn boost your work speed, quality, and efficiency.Word is the perfect partner when creating and editing text documents. Whether you’re writing an essay or want to publish your own storybook, the extensive features found in Word provide an easy path lớn success. Professional formatting tools, page layouts, visual elements, & document themes allow you lớn let your creativity free while ensuring great results.Excel gives you tư vấn in creating spreadsheet-style documents, complete with visual elements such as graphs và charts. It encourages the use of functions và equations, which automate repetitive tasks và create dynamic spreadsheets for all your needs. Use Excel khổng lồ create documents such as an organized task list, budget planning, statistics, data collection and more.PowerPoint is one of the most critical tools for many students and trang chủ users. It allows you to create engaging, visually appealing presentations with built-in transitions, animations, và graphic elements. With new improvements in the 2010 edition, you’re able to địa chỉ cửa hàng video & music to your presentations, then play your finished project via a website browser.OneNote allows you lớn take notes in an organized manner. The application is built in a hierarchical system, giving you the ability khổng lồ infinitely create notebooks & pages. With digital ink support, OneNote is the perfect app to quickly jot down phone numbers, liên hệ information, research, or sudden ideas.Make use of a large selection of templates. Many of the classic Office applications tư vấn the use of templates. Give your projects a quick start by simply applying the right template và eliminating the need to lớn worry about design and focusing on the nội dung instead. Take advantage of this khổng lồ never miss a deadline again.

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Work from anywhere at any time. After purchasing Office 2010 home and Student, you have the ability to lớn use the lightweight online versions of some Office software. This includes all of the full-version software you get (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). Access & work on your projects from virtually anywhere at any given time from a web browser.New và improved Office Backstage View. Expanding the file tab, which replaces the old Office button, takes you to lớn the new & improved Backstage View. This page allows you khổng lồ access common commands, gain insight into your document’s parameters, prepare files, và manage various features.Collaborate with ease in Word, PowerPoint, và OneNote. Whether you’re part of a group project or simply want khổng lồ involve your household in managing notes và documents, you have the ability lớn with the new collaboration tools. The new syncing mechanism ensures that all users see the most up-to-date version of a document, allowing for changes without conflict.Enhanced document security. Gain more control over your documents with stronger author settings which allow you khổng lồ restrict editing, địa chỉ protection to avoid accidental edits and more. This is incredibly useful in conjunction with the new collaboration tools khổng lồ reinforce rules và reduce the risk of losing parts of your documents.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Office 2010 trang chủ and Student.

• Processor - 500MHz or higher• Memory - 256MB (minimum), 512MB (recommended)• HDD - 3GB available space• OS - Windows XP SP3 or higher