Stayed at trang chủ and watched the classic Korean drama "Miss Mermaid". After watching more than 200 episodes of TV series, I felt deeply moved.

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The characters in the play finally gained happiness, but 19 years later ("Miss Mermaid" premiered in 2002), the lives of the starring actors outside the play are all sad!


, Actor Kim hanged himself at the age of 43

First of all, the actor Kim Sung, who played the male character Zhu Wang in "Miss Mermaid", is the most regrettable.

Kim Sung is a veritable rich second generation in South Korea. His father is the president of South Korea"s LG Group, & Kim Sung is the only son in the family.

If he hadn"t insisted on being an actor, Kim Sung might take over his father"s career và become a real president.


However, he loves literature and art, & has been involved in the film và television industry as a mã sản phẩm since high school. It wasn"t until 10 years after his debut that the 30-year-old Kim Sung appeared in the first work of his life, "Miss Mermaid".

Because of the popularity of "Miss Mermaid", Kim Sung won two awards in the 2002 MBC Acting Awards, và became a hottest male star in Korea.


After that, Kim, who had a soaring career path, broke the news of drug abuse in 2010.

In December 2010, Kim Sung was detained by the police for taking drugs.

During the survey, he explained that he was paralyzed by taking drugs because of the failure of his career investment & the relapse of depression. Kim was sentenced to 2 years và 6 months with a probation of 4 years because of his good attitude.

After the drug incident, Kim"s career plummeted, and his relationship with his family became more tense than ever.


At the most frustrating time in life, he met Li Hanna, a 4-year-old dentist who was his elder. The two quickly became lovers và married in 2013.

After getting married, Kim Sung lives with his wife and his 10-year-old son, but the married life does not seem to bring much comfort to Kim Sung

In 2015, Kim Sung was arrested again for drug abuse & was sentenced to lớn 10 months in prison.


Under the double torment of drug scandals và depression, on June 24, 2016, after a quarrel with his wife, Kim hung himself in the bathroom of his home with a tie. He was only 43 years old.

After his death, Jin"s useful organs were donated lớn five unfamiliar patients free of charge. This kind of charity can be regarded as a remedy for the sins he committed while alive.


2. The heroine Zhang Ruixi is still unmarried at the age of 50

like Zhang Ruixi & Kim, they only became popular with "Miss Mermaid" at the age of 30.

In fact, Zhang Ruixi is a child star. Before "Miss Mermaid", Zhang Ruixi has been running for 10 years. It is these supporting roles that made Zhang Ruixi"s acting skills shine in "Miss Mermaid".


How popular was this drama back then? Zhang Ruixi won five awards and was named "Best Hallyu Star" by the of Culture và Tourism of Korea.

Later, trung quốc also introduced this feature-length series, and Zhang Ruixi"s popularity in china has also risen sharply.

Later, Zhang Ruixi came to trung quốc to film several TV series, the most famous of which was "The Geng Zi Fengyun" starring his partner Zheng Yuanchang. It"s just that during the, Zhang Ruixi reported that she was playing big names, so her reputation in đài loan trung quốc also declined sharply.


After returning lớn South Korea from China, Zhang Ruixi"s masterpiece is "The Temptation of Wife". This TV series not only refreshed the ratings record of South Korea"s SBS TV station, but was also reproduced by china as "The Temptation of Going Home", which made it popular. South Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun.

In recent years, Jang Ruixi"s career has gone smoothly, but she is still a lonely woman at the age of 50 (Jang Ruixi was born in January 1972 & is 50 years old according to Korean age).


Although Zhang Ruixi confessed that she had secretly been in love, she has never disclosed the identity of her boyfriend. She looks forward to finding a partner who will tư vấn her career as an actress. It"s only half her life, where is her soul mate?


3. The second female is unmarried so far, the second male is happily married

like Zhang Ruixi, actress Yu Xizhen, who played the second female Yin Ruiying in "Miss Mermaid", is still single & unmarried.

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Yu Xizhen"s feelings outside the play are not as smooth as the characters in the play. Around 2000, she met actor Lee Chenglong because of the TV series "That Love", & then Yu Xizhen ignored her rising career and made a high-profile love affair.


It is a pity that after 11 years of love, Yu Xizhen và her boyfriend Li Chenglong announced their breakup because of their disagreements.

After the breakup, Yu Xizhen never heard any news of love, but her ex-boyfriend soon got married and had children & had a new direction in life.

Now 45-year-old Yu Xizhen, when asked about relationship problems, she can only tease herself và she will be single if no suitable people appear.


Different from the misfortune of Yu Xizhen"s emotional life, Zheng Baoshi, who plays the second male Ma Majun in "Miss Mermaid", has a happy marriage.

Zheng Baoshi"s wife is his college girl. They started dating during college & they got married in 1989.

After the marriage, Zheng Baoshi và his wife welcomed two sons, và now Zhang Baoshi"s youngest son has also entered the entertainment industry.


After more than 30 years of marriage, Zheng Baoshi has kept a proper distance from the actress he is cooperating with. There has never been any scandal, so the affection between him and his wife has been talked about.

In recent years, the 59-year-old Zheng Baoshi has shifted his focus from to charity và charity. His good deeds of visiting children in poverty-stricken areas in Africa have also appeared on the Korean mạng internet hot search.

It can be said that Zheng Baoshi is a good man who is kind and worthy of trust.


4. An actor divorced and an actor committed suicide

Let"s talk about Lee Jae-eun who plays Ma Malin in "Miss Mermaid".

Although in the TV series, Ma Malin is unpleasant and self-willed, but Li Zai-en outside the play is a low-key and restrained talented woman.

She also made her debut through a child star, & then transformed from a singer to an actor.


Before "Miss Mermaid", Li Zai-en almost "checked no such person" in the Korean entertainment circle. However, after the TV series became popular, Li Zai-en"s subsequent TV series also received mediocre response.

Therefore, after several consecutive works have been received, Lee Jae-eun shifted the focus of his work from acting to the field of musicals.

So she also met her mentor Lee Kyung-soo. They met và fell in love through musicals, and then they got married in 2006.


Only after 11 years of marriage, Li Zai-en và her husband chose to lớn divorce because of the irreconcilable conflict. Now 41-year-old Li Zai-en is also single.

và the last young starring Jeon ngươi Sun also committed suicide & passed away.

Jeon ngươi Sun plays the heroine"s best friend Yoon Seong-mi in "Miss Mermaid". Although there is no role in the next few movies, this role is still impressive.


After "Miss Mermaid", Yin Shengmei"s most well-known role for Chinese audiences should be the middle-aged Cheng Baola in "Please Answer 1988".

But such a good actor at the cấp độ of drama will eventually kết thúc his life by suicide.

On June 29, 2019, quan liêu Sunmi committed suicide in a khách sạn in Jeonju, South Korea. Later, her agency explained that she might have been hit by the death of her mother & the misfortune of her marriage, coupled with the effects of depression, so quan liêu Shanmei chose to lớn commit suicide.


Alas, after watching the real life experiences of the leading actors in "Miss Mermaid", I can"t help feeling that if their real life is as good as the ending in the play.

But reality is often more cruel than drama. Perhaps it is precisely because life is too bitter that we are more yearning for the romantic & dreamy "fairy tales" in TV dramas!