Actress From ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Hangs Herself

I was totally shocked by the news:
Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide at home today.

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At 7.34 pm her older sister called the police. She hung herself. Her will and notes will be checked. She is normally a bright girl and hence her entertainment company is also very shocked.She is most well known for the role of Sunny, one of the mean girls, in Boys over flowers.She died at 4.30pm. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong & Goo Hye Sun from Boys over flowers went straight khổng lồ pay their respects after shooting.RIP.Source: Cynews + Joy newstranslations: Soompi forums=======Boys Before Flowers Stunned by Suicide
It was another setback và a major one for Boys Before Flowers as one of the actresses, Jang Ja Yun (27) who plays Sunny in the drama and makes life difficult for Jandi as part of the JinSunMi trio was found to have committed suicide in her Bundang home today.According khổng lồ the local police from Bundang who confirmed the suicide over the phone, " Jang Ja Yun was found to lớn have committed suicide in her own trang chủ today. She was discovered at around 7.34pm this evening by her sister who then called the police. We are now investigating the case và will give further updates like the reason, her will (if any), etc at a later time." The police also revealed that her approximate time of death was around 4.30pm & that she had hung herself.Friends who knew Jang Ja Yun was shocked by her suicide & expressed, "She had a passion for acting and loved it very much.

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She was very much a extrovert & we never really expected that she would commit suicide." Her sudden suicide has plunged the entire Boys Before Flowers into shock with the main cast of Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, etc unable to lớn believe what they have heard after learning of the news from their respective companies. Everyone involved with Boys Before Flowers will be paying their respects tomorrow morning at her wake after the morning session ends. According to lớn someone at the filming site now, "We are still filming now (10pm, KST) & it was a big shock khổng lồ receive this sad news suddenly. Why vì all the bad things keep happening khổng lồ Boys Before Flowers?"Jang Ja Yun graduated from Chosun University and had made her debut through a Lotte Biscuit CF and was only starting out with her acting career. She still won a bit of popularity for her small role in Boys Before Flowers despite her late debut. But it"s being reported that a dispute with her present management agency & a lack of time in Boys Before Flowers had left her feeling depressed & eventually causing her lớn choose the wrong path.She only recently walked the red carpet at the recent 45th Baeksang Awards with the other 2 members of the JinSunMi trio, showing her excellent figure. She was also going to lớn debut on the big screen with 2 upcoming movies and the future looked bright but her sudden suicide has left people feeling pity for her. What could possibly get worse from here on for Boys Before Flowers? Jang Ja Yun joins a lengthening các mục of Korean celebrities who have committed suicide in recent years. It"s just a very sad situation overall.source: coolsmurf