Đường hoa phú mỹ hưng 2019

From fertile land of the homeland, through the cultivating hands of people in the countryside, of artisans from flower villages…, spring buds will be in full bloom to lớn welcome the coming spring. Then shoulder poles of flowers, flower carts, flower boats, all on the way lớn the city, up & down like stream of flowers flowing to bring spring color to decorate the houses. The journey of flowers to life in the flavor of spring will be restored on Spring road of the traditional Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival this year.

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Known as a green urban area, Phu My Hung understands clearly: the chất lượng of life must be associated with nature, environment, & flowers. Flowers are therefore an integral part here. That is why every year, Phu My Hung pays much attention to the time when flowers are honored: it is spring, the festival for flowers và spring. This is also a major part of the birth of Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival over the past 10 years.

At Spring Festival this year, the question is: how were the flowers born to lớn enhance the beauty of our house? From that question, Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival will introduce the life cycle of a flower from the time of planting, fertilizing, blooming khổng lồ transporting lớn the city, selling và finally displaying in each house, on the steps, & window frames. & the topic chosen is Flowers and Life.

From that idea, the starting point of Spring Road will be the setting for the flower gardens in Sa Dec with flowers growing on the bamboo scaffold, thousands of flowers blooming. Then there are the apricot gardens of the South, và the Nhat tung peach areas.

The next will be shoulder poles of flowers, bicycles, carts carrying flowers, flower boats to lớn Van Don Port. Lambrettas và motor cyclos of the past carrying flowers lớn the thành phố will also be restored. All evoke the sense of flowers bringing spring from the villages to the city, và it seems to remind people of the spring of childhood.

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The highlight of the spring flower cycle will be the streets with flowers, flowers on the threshold to welcome guests, flowers on the windows showing their graceful beauty, flowers at the power nguồn poles of the small alley, on the old terrace. Flowers fill life, street life, people’s life so that we can say goodbye lớn the old year và welcome the new year.

It should be reminded that Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival always consists of four areas with a very poetic name of spring. First of all, Spring Road: a winding road by the Crescent Lake embracing the theme of spring. Next is Spring Station a striking feature which cannot be found at any other spring flowers festival that is the scene of the boat landing at the Crescent Lake. On đứng top of that, there are five restored scenes of Nha Be of the old days, one of which is the Flowers & Lanterns Festival…. And this year, it will be a new technological show with a water screen, on which the chất lượng cultural scenes will be showed.


Next is the Spring Garden, which is the park on the other side of Anh Sao Bridge. Different from sparkling scene of Spring Road, in Spring Garden there are close peaceful, & dearly affectionate orchards, the “Flower và Grass of the Country”.

Finally is the Spring Contribution, where the exotic flowers of the artisans will show their talents and, more interestingly, there is a contest of flowers và ornamental plants of Phu My Hung community.