Angelina Jolie Strolls Around Paris With Her Kids

Angelimãng cầu Jolie & Brad Pitt’s son decided to skip out on his high school graduation ceremony while his famous parents duke it out in court.

The Sun broke the story, 17-year-old Pax is officially done with his private Los Angeles high school và ready khổng lồ move onto lớn college.

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Sources say Pax decided to not attover the June 5 event at his school because he didn’t want to make it a “circus.” He felt the attention would distract from the other student’s experience.

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“Pax definitely was not at the ceremony. He's shy and it was believed he didn’t want to lớn bring a circus lớn the sự kiện. He has a lot of friends, though. The school did distance learning until mid-March,” an insider spilled.


The decision khổng lồ skip out on the public ceremony comes as Angelina's lawyers filed documents trying khổng lồ overturn the recent custody decision awarding Brad joint time with their kids.

The other children include 19-year-old son Maddox, 16-year-old Zahara, 15-year-old Shiloh, và 12-year-old twins, Vivienne & Knox.


Angelina had been trying to score primary custody with Brad only having visitation. She believes the judge in their case didn't allow all the evidence khổng lồ be entered into lớn the case. She believed their kids should have been allowed to testify.

A source told Page Six, the custody trial lasted several months, and there “were a fu*k ton of witnesses, experts, therapists & other people who have sầu been with the kids and around them, & the decision was based on this."


After hearing the testimony from all parties, the judge ruled that Brad had the right khổng lồ joint custody. Angelina's appeal is based on her belief that the judge failed khổng lồ discchiến bại all his ties lớn Brad's lawyers. She was shut down in her demand he be disqualified but is appealing the ruling.

As part of her appeal, Angelina added new accusations of the judge not allowing the kids to lớn be heard. The appeal has yet to be heard.