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South Korean actress, Goo Hye-Sun and her fellow actor-slash-husband, Ahn Jae-Hyun made headlines last year when they announced that they would be filing for divorce. The couple first met while working on the TV Series, Blood and were a beloved celebrity couple in the eyes of the public. However, the reason for the salacious headlines that were reporting on the two stem from a very public back-and-forth between the two stars as private conversations were revealed & accusations were made via Goo Hye-Sun’s Instagram. Goo had not agreed lớn the divorce while Ahn, it seemed, wanted one. The Boys Over Flowers‘ actress ducked out of the limelight once Ahn gave their full text message history to a local news outlet. This was done in retaliation to Goo’s accusations of Ahn allegedly cheating.

After that occured towards the tail kết thúc of 2019, both Goo & Ahn have kept a low profile. That is, until now. On 5 February, Goo sat down for her first on-camera interview in 2020 for the local television programme, Night of Real Entertainment. This is also the first time Goo has agreed to an interview addressing her divorce with ex-hubby, Ahn Jae-Hyun.

When the question of why she chose lớn use her personal Instagram to respond khổng lồ Ahn, Goo responded, “About my personal history and my family situation, I really have no one to rely on, so I’ve ended up relying on the public. I’ve been thinking that I’ve been childish and I’ve been embarrassed. If I caused people to feel tired, then I’m very sorry about that. I wanted lớn explain anything that may have been misunderstood. But if I look back, I did what I did because I thought it was the best way then. When one is angry, one doesn’t see anything.”

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This led lớn the actress being questioned why she had not chosen khổng lồ release a public statement addressing the divorce via her management like most celebrities. To that, she explained that it was due khổng lồ the fact that she và Ahn were signed to lớn the same talent agency. “Since my husband had worked with those people for a long time,” she said, “I had nowhere else where I could chia sẻ my side of the story.” Goo, not long after, left the talent agency on cordial terms.

When it came khổng lồ the topic of the divorce, Goo explained that when Ahn first brought it up, she thought it was a joke. However, she quickly found out that he was serious & that made her very angry. “Don’t the heart-fluttering feelings kết thúc after two or three months?” she said. “I think that you can’t throw a person away just because those feelings go away. I felt a great sense of betrayal because I’d put so much emotion into it. I felt so much hatred.”

Goo revealed her mental state during this period in a frank manner by saying, “When I decided to get married, I thought I’d never get a divorce in my life. Even if we fought, we’d solve the issue & make up, and we promised that we’d always be by each other’s side when we’re ill or going through difficulties. So I… everything that’s happened so far doesn’t seem lượt thích something I’ve done, it seems lượt thích I dreamt it. I feel lượt thích I’ve been living a nightmare for six months.”

With regards khổng lồ her using her social media platform khổng lồ put Ahn on blast at times, Goo clarified that she never once thought of her celebrity-status and was simply conveying her feelings as a wife. Chuckling almost in disbelief, Goo added, “I used all means available, although it was foolish.”